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"A lot of bars have to be connected with laptops and we experienced our customers don't want to have cables anymore. Now we are able to do this fully standalone. No cables, just plug in the conference bar."
Nexvoo Announce Android Video Bar at ISE 2022
UC Today - May 12, 2022
"The Nexvoo N109 has a few design features that make it easier to use with video conferences. It’s tall, for a start, bringing the camera to a more pleasing height when placed on a table. In addition, the bottom section is covered in a nice, smart-speaker-esque fabric, which hides the powerful speakers which give out sound in all directions."
Review: Nexvoo 1080p AI conference cam – it really does follow you around the room
Know Techie - July 14, 2021
"For clear videos and crisp audio during a conference call, the Nexvoo NexPad T530 should among the top contenders for space on a desk in a home office."
Nexvoo NexPad Pro T530 review: Bringing your conference table home
OnMSFT - July 07, 2021
" It is hassle free with no special software, allowing for a seamless connection to a laptop or PC with USB Plug-and-Play Connectivity. "
CGMAGAZINE - June 06, 2021
"Nexvoo has announced a new suite of video conferencing solutions to help upgrade the modern workstation. Designed to empower people working in the office, at home, or anywhere else, the Nexvoo video conferencing tools support a range of environments. "
Introducing the First Google-Certified Video Tablet
UC Today - March 05, 2021
"After testing each of the Nexvoo devices for several weeks, I really like them all. I am not sure which one is my favorite especially since they have their own individual strengths and can be used differently depending on the scenario."
Nexvoo Video Conference Suite review – Everything you need to stay in touch with the office
the gadgeteer - May 17, 2021
"The 4K sensor made digital zooming a much less jarring experience, and we suspect that the SoC that drives the camera and AI is more powerful, making the movements more responsive and dynamic."
Nexvoo NexBar N110 review
TechRadar Pro - April 14, 2021
"The Nexvoo NexPad T530 video conferencing tablet is easy to set up, compact, has decent video and audio, has Google Play Store access, and easy to use. "
Nexvoo NexPad T530 review: Decent Android 4K video conferencing tablet
TECHAERIS - April 28, 2021
"NexPod is ideal for small groups of up to eight people, enabling consumers to feel like they’re face-to-face with peers from anywhere in the world. "
2021 Mother’s Day Gift Guide for a Fabulous Home and Office
Home Business - April 29, 2021
"What's really unique about is that you can also take the HDMI out of this device and go to a large screen monitor or projector. So it is very exciting, it can be used either in the home or in the educational or professional setting. "
Nexvoo NexPad T530 ...Android desktop screen built for videoconferencing
Techstination - March 19, 2021
"The Nexvoo isn’t big or cumbersome, and is almost a thinner version of the HomePod or similar to some of Amazon’s Echo products in appears. It contains a 360 degree surround speaker, so everyone in your conference can hear, and the multi-directional microphone is perfect for smaller conferences of under 8 people."
Smarter Than Technology - April 07, 2021
"The Nexbar N110 conference bar features a 4K, 120-degree wide-angle camera, solid noise canceling with background noise suppression, and even throws in AI to pull off neat tricks during Zoom calls. It’s a clever conference room camera that looks like a speaker bar and even has some quality speakers of its own."
Nexvoo Nexbar N110 video conferencing camera review
Laptop - March 21, 2021
"I had the good fortune of connecting with the people from Nexvoo around the end of last year and have been testing two of their conferencing devices since. The two devices, N109 Smart Conference Camera and the T530 Video Conferencing Tablet, couldn’t be more different, but both are worth a look for those with need to connect via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Duo, WebEx and more."
Two Elegant Ways To Cure Your Zoom Consternation
Medium - March 20, 2021
"Have you needed a business level video conference tablet that has all the available business video conferencing apps backed by the power of an open Android device capable of installing anything? The NexPad Pro T530 merits a moment of your time."
NexPad Pro T530 – Google certified video conference tablet (week 1 impressions)
Pocketables - March 17, 2021
"Nexvoo has introduced the new NexPad Pro, which it takes pride in referring to as the world’s first Google-certified tablet for video conferencing. In fact, the company is offering an entire range of tools and solutions that would allow users to collaborate and interact easily with the least of hassles."
Nexvoo launches NexPad Pro, the world’s first Google-certified video conferencing tablet
Good Reader - March 10, 2021
"Today, Nexvoo, a global leader in consumer technology products, announced a suite of video conferencing solutions to upgrade your work station whether you’re at the office, working from home or learning remotely."
NEXVOO Introduces Suite of Video Conferencing Solutions Including First-Ever Google Certified Video Conferencing Tablet
aithority - March 05, 2021
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