10 Benefits Of Video Conferencing

10 Benefits Of Video Conferencing

We live in a time where people are connected by technology, allowing us to access more effective methods of collaboration. Video conferencing has paved the way for firms and corporations to interact and synergize seamlessly with employees and partners.

In this article, we dig deeper into ten key benefits of video conferencing and how it impacts your organization.

What is Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing is a live, video-based connection between two or more remote attendees over the internet, simulating face-to-face communications. It allows multiple members across different locations to collaborate, meet, and interact by transmitting, video, audio, and other presentations in real-time.

 Here are the 10 essential benefits of video conferencing

1. Boosts productivity 

Irrespective of physical location, video conferencing helps individuals keep human connections and enables the digital workforce of today’s era. It creates a more collaborative avenue that enhances productivity. 

If you need a quick solution to a question, you can connect for a video conference call instead of sending an email. 

Real-time collaboration, screen sharing, and the ability to join from virtually anywhere make it a more productive and efficient use of everyone’s time. Plus, you can hit the record function if you plan to revisit your discussion in the future.

2. Saves time and Money

Business owners, partners, and executives often travel for routine meetings, deal negotiations, training, and conferences. But in most cases, these can be accomplished via video conferencing which saves time and money. 

Companies get more returns which allows them to spend on other business priorities leveraging their valuations. Video conferencing offers a solution to these communications without compromising results and quality.  

 3. Binds all workers in one software

It is not uncommon that businesses have employees who are scattered throughout various locations. But vast distances don’t matter when you can bind them in a single software, either for huddle meetings, spur-of-the-moment discussions, or just to check the whereabouts and activities of your people. This allows more convenient yet better management and ensures that projects are on track.

4. Rallies communication and culture

The workforce of today values flexibility, mobility, and modern ways of interaction over seclusion and private offices. Not only does video conferencing offer a more efficient avenue of interaction, but it also has the ability to bring the human connection of face-to-face meetings to your collaboration. It is the true winner whether your firm is dispersed globally, built of remote colleagues, or if it simply advocates a healthy work-life balance.

5. It helps employee retention

The flexibility and mobility offered by video conferencing give individuals more control over their work schedules. This constitutes a better work-life balance which is critical to employee retention. Despite the distance, video conferencing helps remote colleagues to feel more connected with their team regularly, keeping them engaged and fulfilled. 

6. Gives you a competitive advantage

All things considered, video conferencing delivers a strong competitive edge for your people and business. Reports can be tracked, reported, and submitted much faster and tasks can be managed easily and more efficiently. And with more productive meetings and increased unity, the vision and objective of your business can be executed better.  

7. It’s more engaging than an audio meeting

benefits of video coferencing

Audio conferences are great alternatives but to some extent, their members tend to zone out because they feel disconnected from the other attendees in the call. Nonverbal cues can’t be captured and the miscommunication can be higher. But with video, essential elements like eye contact or sometimes hand gestures can be seen, resulting in higher levels of engagement.  

When the attendees of the conference are visible, they are more inclined to execute the same skills they’ve practiced in face-to-face meetings.

 8. Allows Faster Decision-Making

One of the most important benefits of video conferencing is that it speeds up business. Video conferencing offers an instant alternative instead of waiting for a longer time to receive email replies or to have face-to-face meetings. This opens doors to faster-decision making for the business. You can draw some valuable feedback from your team right away. And all the pressing matters can be dealt with quicker and smoother.

9. Makes scheduling meetings easier

Scheduling face-to-face meetings can be a challenge especially if the members of your team travel regularly. But video conferencing makes it a lot easier. Your team members can practically join from anywhere they are. 

Additionally, when you schedule meetings at a later time or date, you don’t have to ask each member if they are available or not on that schedule. Just set the meeting and you can see responses whether they will accept it or not. Just in case a team member will not be available, he/she can suggest another schedule that may also work for the rest of the attendees. 

 10. Better conference room experience

Due to the combination of good meeting habits and quality technology, business meetings get better and become more engaging. You can present pre-recorded videos, presentations, music, and more, providing a better conference experience. The better the conference technology, the better the experience. And the better the experience, the stronger the comprehension between your attendees. 

Nexvoo offers top quality technology which breaks down like these two state-of-the-art tech solutions:

NexBar N110

NexBar N110

The NexBar N110 is an all-in-one conference bar. It features an integrated camera with a wide-angle of 120-degree FOV lens and a next-generation 6 microphone array to achieve studio-quality video and audio. It is also compatible with all video meeting platforms which supports multiple resolutions, including 4K (Ultra HD), 1080p (Full HD), and 720p (HD) to best support the quality.

NexPad T530

NexPad T530

The NexPad T530 is the first ever 4K HD Google-certified video conferencing tablet that is compatible with all meeting applications. This is great for any conference room, workspace, or home office. It features an 8-inch multi-touch Retina FHD (Full HD) capacitive screen and 800-megapixel high-definition camera, built-in Bluetooth 4.2 module and Wi-Fi module, integrated high-power speakers. 

Final Note

Video conferencing is immensely beneficial for employees and business owners. From reduced expenses, more seamless interaction, faster completion of tasks, to enhanced productivity, video conferencing has proven to be a boon for speeding up businesses. This is of particular value for remote employees, who heavily rely on its services to host all of their meetings and huddles. 

Also, augmenting functions, such as recording, muting and unmuting, and screen sharing can make it far more effective for team collaboration than being simply a video communication.

It does not only provide solutions for today’s workforce, but it has also proven itself to be the face of the future.