4K video conferencing and its benefits

Today, 4K resolution has become a mainstream configuration for TVs and other displays and is even widely used in video conferencing equipment. Using devices that support 4K video conferencing resolution can help you to better  teleconferencing and improve the efficiency of meetings and communication.

What is 4K?

What we often refer to as 4K is not actually a fixed resolution value, and its exact definition varies slightly when used within different fields. For professional video equipment, 4K refers to 4096 x 2160 resolution. In the movie industry, they usually use Full Aperture 4K (4096 x 3112), Academy 4K (3656 × 2664), and many other standards. 

For home use devices, such as 4K TVs, 4K monitors, 4K projectors, and 4K Blu-ray discs, manufacturers prefer to make Quad Full HD (3840 × 2160) devices that are close to 4K because this resolution standard has a 16:9 display ratio, which is closer to the mainstream viewing ratio.

What is the  difference between 4K and 1080P?

While HD 1080P can display 2,073,600 effective pixels and Quad Full HD can display 8,294,400 effective pixels, Ultra HD 4K delivers at least nearly 10 million pixels of video quality with more than four times the display detail of 1080P. This means that devices supporting 4K resolution can render more complex levels of detail, with sharper lines and smoother curves.

4K in video conferencing

More and more TV series, TV shows and even short videos on major video platforms are in 4K format, and as UHD 4K displays continue to drop in price, 4K is fast becoming the standard in the video industry. This boom has also spread to the field of video conferencing, which resulted in a huge increase in demand for devices with such capability. . That’s also why equipment that supports 4K video conferencing resolution is becoming an important consideration for consumers when choosing  a telecommunication equipment.

Thanks to the excellent rendering of video details with 4K resolution, remote participants will not miss any non-verbal cue and body language conveyed when conducting video conferences. This is clearly a big help in understanding and bridging the gap when conducting online meetings among different groups.

Where to use 4K video conferencing?

Telemedicine: 4K video conferencing can transmit more details of the patient's body to the doctor, helping the doctor to give more accurate diagnosis and prescriptions. The 4K video conferencing can also help medical experts to better conduct remote instruction, even those which involve  sophisticated medical instruments and complex surgery.

Remote Education: The ability to see the teacher and the board is a very important factor in measuring the effectiveness of distance education. Devices with 4K video conferencing solve this problem well. This helps in ensuring that the teacher's class content can be fully conveyed to the students, and largely alleviates the problem of "distortion" of the class contents that are delivered to the students.

4K video conferencing

Online Courtrooms: Due to COVID, court hearings have also had to be moved online. This requires extremely high quality for video conferencing, because every detail of a court hearing is crucial for the judge's final trial. The smallest movements and micro-expressions of any participant may also affect the outcome of a case. Therefore, the use of 4K video conferencing in online courtrooms is also gradually becoming mainstream due to its convenience in this current situation.

The trend of 4K video conferencing

Due to the various benefits of UHD 4K resolution, various video-related fields are increasingly applying 4K, and video conferencing is no exception. The 4K video conferencing has become an industry trend, and the future of video conferencing will be more deeply integrated with 4K technology. This will allow video conference participants to have a more immersive meeting experience as if they’re just under the same physical meeting room

How to choose a proper 4K video conferencing equipment?

For 4K video conferencing, a  device that can support a 4K video conferencing camera is critical. The NEXVOO N110 is a great choice. This state-of-the-art device is a premium all-in-one video conferencing bar with 4K UHD for the huddle room. The video collaboration bar features an AI auto-tracking camera and 6 beamforming microphone arrays. It’s also compatible with Barco click share.