5 Meeting Owl Alternatives for Huddle to Small Conferencing Rooms

The Meeting Owl Pro is a 360-degree conference camera that not only looks like an owl but also has an intuitive interface, is simple to set up, and provides an engaging experience for users. Because of its peculiar appearance, this conference camera, known as the Meeting Owl, is able to blend in seamlessly with the furnishings and design of any room or office.

A spherical glass camera enclosure sits atop the cream-colored body of the Meeting Owl Pro, which also contains a speaker grill that is covered in cloth. One of the neat features offered by the Meeting Owl is the ability to concentrate the camera's attention on the individual whose voice has been identified. This post on the blog will present a number of different conference cams that have this capability; these are appropriate alternatives to the meeting owl.

Alternatives to the standards set by the Meeting Owl:

Inexpensive. You will be able to save a lot of money because there are many conference cameras on the market that compete with each other and offer features that are similar to what you need at prices that are much lower.

Functionally similar, or even better. Many conference cameras can do the same things as other cameras, or they can do even more than those other cameras.

All-in-one. Most conferencing cameras have all-in-one features, which means you don't need to bring a bunch of different devices to a successful conference call meeting.

Appropriate for huddles or small meeting spaces.

There are several alternatives to the Meeting Owl, and they are as follows:

Nexvoo N149. With a 120° wide-angle, digital pan, and mechanical tilt capability, the N149 speaker-tracking conference camera was developed primarily for huddle rooms and small teams of fewer than six people. The speaker tracking and framing feature can automatically locate the current speaker and display a close-up image of him or her so that everyone can see who is speaking. The N149 4K conference camera is compatible with the vast majority of meeting applications, including Zoom, Google Meet, and teams. Users can freely select whichever meeting application best suits their needs.

Logitech Connect. It goes beyond its award-winning design to offer video conferencing that is so user-friendly that anybody can set it up, and so inexpensive that you can equip every meeting room with video. Designed for tabletop installation and limited areas, this video conference solution provides a 90° diagonal field of view with pan and tilt, 4x zoom, and razor-sharp optics, making it simple to see everyone in the room.

Nexvoo N109. This high-definition auto-tracking and framing video conferencing camera offers a simple plug-and-play connection to your laptop, PC, or desktop computer. Connecting to a video conference has never been easier, as there is no need for specialized software, training, or maintenance. Using 1080P AI Auto Framing Camera technology, each participant in a meeting can ensure that everyone is visible with the highest quality image. Due to the Full-Duplex Speaker and Beamforming Microphone, all meeting participants can transmit films and audio with crystal-clear quality.

Kandao Meeting. The Kandao 360° all-in-one conference camera provides an authentic face-to-face meeting experience by delivering 1080P HD video and crystal clear audio. At this price point, auto-focus is exclusive to the Kandao 360° video conference camera, which combines a 360° camera, eight omnidirectional microphones, and two full-duplex speakerphones into a cost-effective compact. It offers an easy-to-use, high-quality audio and video solution for remote meetings of any size that is plug-and-play and compatible with numerous video conferencing platforms.

Cisco TelePresence Precision Camera. Cameras maximize sharpness and clarity for HD video. This 10x optical zoom camera works well with the Cisco SX80 Codec, especially for Cisco PresenterTrack, and is a good integrator for large conference rooms. This camera is compatible with the Cisco TelePresence SX20 Quick Set because its 4x optical zoom and 8x total zoom give a remarkable range for moderate-sized rooms and locations.