5 Top Video Conferencing Technology Trends: Overview for 2021 and Beyond

Companies have relied so greatly on video conferencing platforms to maintain business operations during the pandemic. A recent study has suggested that 75% of workers depend on video conferencing technology for remote work.

And we’ve seen how remote working through video conferencing technology has grown in just a few years. We expect this trend to continue as local and international businesses embrace distributed workforces. In this article, we will discuss some video conferencing trends to look out for in 2021 and  beyond.

What can we expect to see in terms of video conferencing technology in the upcoming years? 

User experience will be crucial and continue to improve

Businesses are going to move forward using video conferencing solutions that provide the best user experience. When it comes to video and other features, companies will opt to move towards solutions that make collaboration seamless and easy. 

Nexvoo, being the leader of the Unified Communications providers, continuously works on improving its user experience. They offer video conferencing solutions to optimize your work station whether you’re at the office, working from home or learning remotely. It provides some of the most cutting-edge technology products in the market, such as a video conferencing camera,video conference tablet,classcam for online teaching,sip phone and headset.

Video quality is still the key

A video quality that is just “good enough” is not desired in today's trends. Remote workers need to collaborate with their partners and colleagues that can very closely replicate face-to-face interactions. And having a high quality video is one way to achieve that. 

Moving forward, a high resolution HD video is the minimum standard for video conferencing. Nexvoo provides products with extremely high video quality, including the Oneview N110, Doubleview N120U, NexPod Pro N149, classcam CC520, and many more.

video conferencing technology trendsAll-in-one video conferencing camera with built-in system is more effective

On top of the video quality, a camera with a built in system is a more effective option. It’s more convenient since you don't need to bring a laptop or computer for it to run. 

Take Nexvoo DoubleView N120W for example. With its built-in Android 10.0 system, most of the meeting applications can be operated without a laptop or a Mac. You can remotely operate its system after connecting to the screen via HDMI. It also has a very flexible compatibility.

video conferencing trendsSecurity and privacy features will be enhanced

As more and more users use video conferencing for their collaboration, there will be an increasing demand to boost security and privacy features to protect users’ data against abuse or fraud. 

Nexvoo is committed to respect and protect the security and privacy of its users and is continuously working on adding more features. Nexvoo also enhances its products’ security and privacy by adding a protective case to its camera. 

Advancements in Artificial Intelligence 

AI tracking cameras are one of the technologies that have changed the way we conduct education. They are high-definition smart cameras with features like auto framing, noise reduction, speaker tracking, and long distance pickup among others. 

Nexvoo offers some of the leading AI cameras in the industry today. Users can experience 4K UHD high resolution video. With AI smart technology, cameras can track, adjust and present speakers smoothly and sensitively. Supported by auto-framing function, Nexvoo cameras are able to automatically frame on the best view of video conferences. For example, Nexvoo Classcam CC520 adopts the latest AI body tracking technology to focus on teachers’ movement while they are taking notes on the whiteboard to offer the best distance learning experience for the online students.


The video conferencing trends in the future may vary but we can all agree on one prediction that video conferencing will still continue to support the global workforce. And remote collaborations will be a huge focus for businesses as remote workers increase and more meetings are held online.