5 Video Conferencing Camera Options for Small Rooms

Most companies are not large enterprises and usually only have small conference rooms where they can conduct their meetings. Under normal circumstances, such a small meeting room can generally accommodate 4-7 people, and its area is about 8-10 square meters. In order to be able to conduct high-quality video conferences, companies need to find a suitable video conferencing camera for small room.

Video conferences in small conference rooms usually encounter the following challenges:

1. The video conferencing camera should be portable and light, preferably an all-in-one device, due to scarcity of space.

2. Users believe that a video conferencing camera for a small room doesn’t cost much, however, it’s not always true. It may not be as costly as those with power-packed features, but acquiring an all-in-one video conferencing camera for small rooms comes with a relatively higher budget.

In this article, we will recommend 5 video conferencing cameras for small rooms based on the above points.

Logitech Meet Up

MeetUp is a video conferencing camera for small rooms. It has 4K optics and a wide 120-degree field of view. It provides clear quality images and plugs into a USB port for easy plug-and-play connection. The Meetup has custom-tuned speakers and beamforming microphones to provide excellent sound quality during meetings and ensure that everyone can be heard clearly.

It provides flexible compatibility and can be used in conjunction with any video conferencing application and cloud service. With its compact design and wall-mount hardware that come together with the package, you can set up this video conference bar for small rooms with minimized cable clutter.

Nexvoo NexPad Pro N149

Nexvoo’s NexPod Pro N149 is an all-in-one video conferencing camera specially designed for small meeting rooms. It has a 120° FOV, 5x digital zoom, 4K UHD camera, and clear and subtle optical effects, allowing all participants in the room to be seen. It has 360-degree wideband audio and a 16-foot pickup distance so that all sounds in the small conference room can be clearly heard by remote participants. The N149 adopts an integrated design, is small in size, supports plug-and-play, and does not take up a lot of space on the desktop. Therefore, the thi device is not only suitable for small meeting rooms, but also for home offices.

video conferencing camera for small room
The Nexvoo N149 is a speaker tracking video conferencing camera with auto framing functions, which can track and locate the speaker at any time. It is compatible with the Barco Clickshare that allows you to share content with remote conference participants in a few seconds. The price of $499 also makes N149 the most cost-effective video conferencing camera for small rooms.

Poly Studio X30

Poly Studio X30 is another option that is equipped with a 4K high-definition camera, 120-degree FOV and 4x digital zoom in one device, allowing remote participants to clearly see all the people in the conference room. The X30 has 4 MEMS microphones and a 15-foot pickup distance - enough to cover and capture the sound source of the entire small conference room. Poly's patented NoiseBlock and Acoustic Fence technologies can eliminate noise and prevent external sounds from interfering with conference calls.

Yealink A20

Yealink A20 is also a good alternative because it integrates everything you need for a seamless Microsoft Teams experience in small conference rooms. This device is equipped with a 20MP lens, 133° FOV, and has 8 MEMS microphone arrays, ensuring that MeetingBar A20 can perfectly start a powerful video and voice experience even in a small space. The MeetingBar A20 requires a simple plug-and-play to start quickly, providing you with a cost-effective solution and the best experience for your Microsoft Teams.


Lastly, Konftel CC200 is an all-in-one video conferencing device with a 4K camera and 4 built-in microphones that can be optimized through OmniSound® technology. It supports SIP/H.323 and also works with all standard-based video systems and video conferencing services. Due to its compact design and simple installation, this video conferencing camera for small room can quickly and cost-effectively transform any screen-equipped space into a video conference venue-from home offices to small meeting rooms.