Why Your School Needs Auto Tracking Cameras For the Classroom?

Education is changing faster than ever and as a result of evolving curriculum standards, we are facing increasing demands and challenges. The best solution to accommodate these challenges is conducting remote classes through an auto-tracking camera. Nexvoo masterfully developed the innovative CC520 AI teacher Tracking Camera which is intelligently engineered for distance learning.

Why is teacher tracking camera important for classrooms?
Teacher tracking cameras are important in education for many reasons. Remote learning and online classes are becoming the trend and the demands and challenges in these types of learning are also changing. Auto tracking cameras address the very core of these issues. They deliver effective classes beyond the distance, offer flexibility, and are relatively cost-saving both for students and institutions. And even when schools are closed, they can keep their classes going as usual with auto-tracking cameras.

What are the challenges of using the auto-tracking camera in the classroom?

There are a few challenges in utilizing auto-tracking cameras in classrooms. The most common is on how to use them for teachers. Some may find it overwhelming in learning how to operate or set up these smart devices. Others also tend to question whether tracking cameras are acceptable for schools and educators. But many institutions these days already adapt distance learning through auto-tracking cameras.

Is this lecturer tracking camera too expensive for online teaching?

The cost of auto-tracking cameras generally ranges from $700 to $1500. Some brands even cost much higher. The Nexvoo CC520 only costs $599. The CC520 also outstands other more expensive tracking cameras in terms of function, features, and durability making it the most cost-effective tracking camera in the market.

How does the auto tracking camera work? Is it hard to operate?

Although some teachers may find it overwhelming how to use teacher tracking cameras, they will find it very easy once they start using the right device. Take CC520 for example, it offers an easy and convenient plug-and-play connection to your laptop, PC, and computer. It uses AI technology to track the teacher’s movement across a field of view. The CC520’s body movement tracking camera provides operators the ability to track a person and at the same time customizes frame settings to capture even the entire whiteboard spaces.

auto tracking camera for hybrid classroom

Can you tell us anything about the physical design of the CC520 tracking camera?

With a size of 112 x 75 x 75 mm and weighing only 10 ounces, you can conveniently set up the CC520 wherever you desire. It delivers 4K UHD quality so students will no longer suffer blurry videos in their remote learning. It offers a clearer and more professional coverage of real-time teaching. Its rotatable camera is also engineered with 5x optical zoom so all the details of the classroom will be crystal clear.

auto tracking camera for distance learning
What sets nexvoo teacher tracking cameras apart from the competition?

The body tracking camera, preset zone tracking, 4K UHD, plus the remote control for camera and mic functions set Nexvoo’s CC520 apart from the competition. It is a cost-efficient option, delivering high-quality and seamless AI functionalities. It also has two Omni-directional microphones supporting a 16-foot (5m) diameter range, sound sensitivity of -34dB +/-3dB, and an Integrated full-duplex speakerphone with echo and noise cancellation.

Final Word - Advice For Educators

Education is continuing to evolve. Although most changes bring immense benefits for our students, challenges will also continue to immerse. Educators need to keep an open mind to new technology in addressing these challenges. Explore and learn the importance of hybrid teaching. With the help of AI teacher tracking cameras, education is elevated, students participate effectively, and educators are able to provide better lessons.