Benefits of AI Tracking Camera For Online Teaching

Education has evolved in the last years and we see that it continues to change in the post pandemic situation. Classrooms can now be set up online and remote learners can access education wherever they are. And because of the worldwide pandemic, hybrid learning is now encouraged and implemented. Some students can opt to attend offline lectures while others who won’t be able to physically show up and can only attend online.

AI tracking cameras are one of the technologies that have changed the way we conduct education. With the old cameras that we used to have, online students often suffer technical problems during the lectures. They deal with unclear notes on the whiteboard, encounter bad interactions between teachers and students, and sometimes experience blur and unclear video images when the teacher moves. With today’s AI tracking cameras, all these annoying issues will be resolved and the overall experience of both the students and the teachers will be greatly improved.

How does it work for online classes?

An AI camera is a high-definition smart camera which enhances the online teaching experience. The Nexvoo CC520 is a perfect example delivering the perfect solution for all classroom sizes. Students and teachers alike can experience 4k UHD video which provides an easy plug and play set up to your computer. It uses AI technology to track teacher’s movement across a field of view so students will no longer suffer blurry videos. The CC520 can even customize its frame settings to capture entire white board spaces and all the notes taken during lectures will be seen very clearly. It basically does all the work needed to cover the lessons and record lectures.

What are the benefits of online courses?

Online courses are made possible because of the advancements of technologies. Below are some of the most common benefits of online courses.

Deliver classes beyond the distance

Some universities have dispersed buildings making it harder for students and faculties to cooperate. But when you’ve got the video conferencing platforms all set up, 

Not all universities have campus buildings in one place. Some have them dispersed all over the city, which makes cooperation between faculties and students so much harder. But online classes eliminate this issue. More and more potential students can now attend the institution regardless of their location. Universities can greatly expand their reach beyond the distance. Lastly, online students do not anymore need to have the physical resources that face-to-face students do. 

Flexibility to meet learners’ needs

It’s safe to say that some students want to have a life outside study. Some have work part-time and full time, some have families, while some just simply want to explore another hobby and things don’t always go according to schedules. And online classes and online teaching have proven to be the solution to address this issue.

You can get a direct answer from peers by writing their question on an online platform instead of waiting for their teachers’ office hours. Online teaching also allows individuals to get access to quality education with high flexibility. 

Cost-saving for educational institutions

Like we mentioned earlier, this is also an economical and cost-saving initiative because no manpower is required. Having an AI tracking camera for your online class operates itself without the need of money. Budgets can be tight in many educational institutions and many universities find that AI tracking cameras pay for themselves within at least the first year of operation. So having a dedicated person to maneuver and hold a camera every lecture in your class is less efficient and more costly.

Final Words

Using AI tracking cameras for online teaching is not only a good idea, but it’s the very solution that our education needs. All these benefits will be enjoyed by the teachers, students, and parents, without compromising the quality of education that everyone deserves.