Best 5 Poly Studio X30 Alternatives for Small Meeting Rooms

Video is a factor in every business and organization's work strategy, regardless of the industry or sector. While the majority of companies have one or a few different meeting rooms, they have a greater number of smaller to medium-sized meeting rooms than they have larger meeting rooms. Several companies have hundreds, if not thousands, of these establishments.

All-in-One Video Bars are a great way to quickly and easily enable video in these spaces without the need for additional equipment. While the Poly Studio X30 is an outstanding video conferencing bar for small spaces, its price (1699–2199$) makes it prohibitively pricey for most people. The Poly Studio X30 can be replaced with more cost-effective options, which we can find. In this blog post, we'll share our thoughts on five Poly Studio X30 alternatives.

With a seating capacity of up to six people, the Poly Studio X30 is the right choice for small conference rooms that require an integrated video solution. You can choose whether or not to include the TC8 touch control in your order. It's extremely simple to use, and it has built-in compatibility with the best cloud video providers, so you won't need a PC or a Mac to utilize it. equivalents to the Studio X30 that match the following requirements:

Inexpensive. This product has a suggested retail price ranging from $1,699 to $2,199. Poly X30 yields are a little on the expensive side. There are various low-cost video conferencing bars for small rooms available that can save you a significant amount of money.

Functionally similar, or even better. It is possible to find video conferencing bars that offer the same degree of quality as Poly X30. There are X30 replacements that are similar to, or even better than, the original product in terms of how well they work.

All-in-one. With all-in-one capabilities, these Poly Studio X30 alternatives include a microphone and a camera in their shells, a very enticing possibility for those looking for an all-in-one gadget to connect to the big screen.

Here are five studio X30 options to consider.

Nexvoo N149. This speaker tracking camera has the lowest price when compared to other cameras. It's great for small and small rooms.Its 120° wide-angle lens, digital pan, and mechanical tilt features make it an excellent choice for huddle rooms and small teams of fewer than six people. It has a 5x high-definition digital zoom as well as crisp, detailed optical effects that allow everyone in the room to see clearly.

Logitech Meetup. The MeetUp also allows you to connect mobile devices via Bluetooth for use in audio conference calls. It’s a great option for rooms with up to 6 people. Logitech MeetUp is simple to manage with Logitech Sync Device Management.

AVer VB130. Small to medium collaborative areas will benefit greatly from the VB130's strong performance. Audio fencing, voice tracking, and SmartFrame will boost your meetings. Any PC or Mac® can be connected without additional software. A compact design facilitates setup and avoids clutter. Adjustable 5-level fill lighting and an automated light sensor provide optimal workstation lighting.

Yealink UVC40. A simple USB meeting device for huddle rooms. Incredibly detailed footage is captured by the UVC40's 20MP camera and 133° ultra-wide angle lens. It has an electric lens cover and AI functions including facial detection, sound localization, and speaker tracking. Call quality is excellent with the UVC40's eight MEMS microphone arrays and high-fidelity speakers. With the Yealink Device Management Platform, it may be managed remotely through Wi-Fi.

Bose VB1 Videobar.In small places, the Bose Videobar VB1 delivers high-quality audio and video. Clear. Be completely heard. There are six beam-steering microphones. The auto-framing 4K ultra-HD camera captures faraway players. Bluetooth® audio and real-time conversations. So no need for separate audio and video hookups at the table. The Bose Videobar VB1 improves gathering, seeing, and hearing.