Best Video Conferencing Lighting Device for Good Experience in 2022

A variety of factors influence the overall quality of the video conferencing experience. While we are constantly concerned with the speed of the network, the resolution of the display, and the clarity of the music, one crucial component is frequently overlooked: the quality of the illumination. It is vital to have a good lighting setup when doing video conference calls. Throughout this article, we'll be talking about how to set up the best lighting for a video conference.

Here are some advantages of video conferencing lighting:

Enhance the visibility of facial expressions. It is vital that the lighting in your conference room allows the camera to clearly view the people in your room. When there is good lighting, there aren't as many distracting shadows that could change a person's facial expressions or appearance.

Distractions are minimized. The viewer's attention is drawn away from the conference call participants by the use of striking shadows, glares, and reflections. When people are focused on the speaker and the meeting at hand, the use of face-illuminating lighting helps to prevent distractions and keep everyone on track.

Create Colors That Are True To Life. Lighting sources with excessively warm or insufficiently cool color temperatures can have an adverse effect on the appearance of colors. In spite of the excellent auto white balancing algorithms included in modern conference room video systems, unrealistic color values can cause frustration for businesses that place a high emphasis on visual design. Proper lighting brings out the true colors of the objects that have been captured by the camera.

Here are some disadvantages of video conferencing lighting:

The image appears to be dark and blurry. Dark and blurry photos are generally unattractive since they make it difficult for people to see each other clearly on their portable devices.

Excessive lighting is present. If there is too much light in the room, it is possible that everyone will squint or even suffer from migraines as a result of the glare from their computer screens.

What type of lighting is optimal for video conferencing?

Simple to use and affordably priced, the greatest video conferencing lighting options are available. A single panel, or ring light, fitted on a laptop has the ability to do amazing feats of engineering. The setup is simple, with one light for the room, one for the subject (you), and a backlight to add highlights from behind or to the side.

This lighting combination removes shadows, softens the edges of your face, and adds depth and brightness to the environment while also eliminating reflections. The whole effect is as if you're speaking from within a high-end advertisement, which is far superior to the traditional dim, grainy sight. Attach a ring light to your laptop and use two-panel lights as room and backlights to play with different lighting effects.

video conferencing lighting

Which lighting products are best for video conferencing?

We've all been on conference calls with individuals who were difficult to see due to low lighting. If not backlit, they may have intense shadows cast on one side of their faces, excessive light resulting in a blown-out appearance, or they may be completely dark. Make sure that there is enough light before you start your call, especially if you are in a meeting.

Here are three lighting options for video conferencing that can be changed and aren't too expensive to make sure you look your best on every call.

1. The Lume Cube Video Conference Lighting Kit
2. The Neewer Portable LED Lighting Kit
3. The UBeesize Duo Ring Light

How to set up decent lighting for video conferencing without extra lighting devices?

If you lack other lighting tools, you may want to consider investing in a high-quality video conference device like Nexvoo N120U, which can automatically adjust the brightness based on the surrounding light, ensuring that your face does not appear dim. The telephoto camera allows you to zoom in on specific details in a room. The video bar automatically adjusts the brightness depending on the lighting circumstances, enabling dual 4K video conferencing and content sharing.

Nexvoo's device features a 4K resolution, which magnifies your visibility. It makes use of a 4K ultra-wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens in conjunction with a dual-camera configuration. Lighting your space properly is only half the battle. Even if you have a low-quality webcam, you may not appear appealing in the video.