Catering to the rise of small office space, Nexvoo expands its video conferencing solutions

Catering to the rise of small office space, Nexvoo expands its video conferencing solutions

The rapid development of informatization has become the driving force for the transformation of office methods. The immediacy of the Internet has broken through the traditional office’s normative attributes and has appeared in front of people with more flexible and efficient features. The trend of small office spaces has gradually taken shape. According to the prediction from Frost & Sullivan,  there will be 32.4 million small office spaces worldwide by 2022. The epidemic has accelerated the growth of this type of office since 2020.

What is a small office space?

The term refers to an office collaboration space created by a concise and efficient work team. 

First of all, it must be used by 2 to 6 people. Second, space can be accessed by the Internet, and there is a display or screen that can be used for presentations or sharing content. Finally, it has audio and video access and noise processing capabilities.

This complicated network layout can actually be done with only an all-in-one video conferencing solution.

Nexvoo, which is the leader of the most cutting-edge conference cameras on the market, offers great options for small office spaces, especially NexPod N109.

It contains a 360-degree surround speaker, so all the participants in the small conference room can hear clearly. The multi-directional microphone is designed for small spaces under 8 people.

The field of view on N109 is 110 degrees. With AI and auto-tracking features, the camera can follow anyone who is speaking. The video has a high quality of 1080p. Furthermore, the camera plugs directly into the laptop or PC via USB, which is very user-friendly. It can also be set up as a traditional webcam for individual users with fantastic performance.


In conclusion, the portability, and size of NexPod N109 are perfect for individual or small office space use. With a NexPod on your hand, you can just be up for a meeting, open a laptop, and plug this camera via USB. With $100 more budget, you can get an upgraded version, NexPod Pro N149, a  4K UHD AI-Powered Video Conference Camera with Bluetooth. Its 5x high-definition digital zoom, and clear and detailed optical effects, allowing all participants in the room to have a glance. The speaker tracking and framing function can automatically locate the current speaker and present its close-up picture so that everyone knows who is speaking. Users can freely choose desktop video conferencing applications according to their needs.