Choosing a Good Video Soundbar for Your Medium Room

Choosing a Good Video Soundbar for Your Medium Room

The medium-sized conference room is the key driver of the meeting space's demand. Because it is more formal than the small conference room, it necessitates more technical assistance for conference equipment, but it does not necessitate the more complicated and sophisticated conference system found in the large conference room. As a result, when building and improving medium meeting places, choosing the right video conferencing equipment is very important.

Why do we need a video conferencing device for a medium room?

In terms of converting meeting spaces for hybrid meetings, there is no one-size-fits-all video collaboration solution when it comes to changing meeting spaces for hybrid meetings. The extent to which your meeting room arrangement should be based on the size and kind of space is mostly determined by the space's size and type. A larger space, for example, necessitates the use of a more powerful system.

Smaller spaces, such as huddle rooms, are ideal for collaborative work and informal get-togethers with coworkers, as they allow for more personal interaction. Despite the fact that these rooms, which may accommodate up to four people, are frequently accessible without a reservation, these are the areas where employees will congregate for one-on-one meetings, brainstorming sessions, and other ad hoc conversations.

More structured meetings with both internal and external attendees occur in medium conference rooms. They can accommodate up to eight guests and are frequently reserved in advance. Regular team or status meetings, as well as information exchange meetings, are examples of typical professional meetings. Individuals gather here to interact, cooperate, and co-create.

The industry standard for optimizing meetings and video collaboration in medium-sized spaces. Here are some things to think about when you want to make your mid-sized meeting and video collaboration rooms the best they can be.

Field Of View: Because they fall between small huddle rooms and large conference rooms, medium rooms vary significantly in terms of chair count, room size, table design, and even table count. As such, it is prudent to select room solutions that are adaptable to a variety of sizes and configurations. For smaller rooms, you may only want a camera with built-in speakers and mics. 

Pickup range, resolution, audio quality: Given the range of room sizes and layouts found in medium rooms, the camera should be capable of collecting and focussing on individuals both close and far. Due to the fact that meeting facilitators typically sit at the head of the table, the camera's zoom capacity must keep a good focus on the far end of the room.

AI tracking: Room management is gaining traction using artificial intelligence and analytics. Numerous video conferencing systems for medium-sized rooms include an AI Auto Framing Speaker Tracking feature that automatically determines the optimal image of the conference room based on the number of participants and their placement.

All-in-one: Video soundbars are easier to install and handle than modular video components or external computers. A reduced component count equates to a faster installation with less cabling. This isn't the only way video bars can be used. They can be attached to the wall or directly to the screen, which frees up valuable table space and keeps them out of the way.

N110-Nexvoo All-In-One Video Soundbar for Medium Conference Room

In addition to being compatible with all video conferencing platforms, the Nexvoo N110 all-in-one video soundbar is a great addition to any office. To produce studio-quality video and audio, the medium-room video soundbar combines an integrated camera with a 120-degree field of view lens and a next-generation six-microphone array, all of which are powered by the same battery.

The following are some of the things that N110 has in order to meet the need for medium rooms.

Artificial Intelligence Aided Speaker Tracking: NexBar OneView N110 can calculate the optimal image of the conference room automatically based on the number of participants and their location.

Six microphones and a speaker with a custom tuning: Six broadside beamforming omni-directional microphones with noise and echo cancellation have been made for medium conference rooms.

Sensor for Ultra-High-Definition (4K UHD) images: To get the best picture possible, the 4K UHD all-in-one video soundbar supports a wide range of resolutions, including 4K (Ultra HD), 1080p (Full HD), and 720p (HD).