How Do You Use An Interactive Whiteboard?

In the past two years, our utilization of online collaboration tools such as interactive whiteboards has exploded. According to Gartner's 2021 survey, nearly 80% of people employed collaboration tools at work in 2021, up from 55% before the pandemic. Digital whiteboards enable teams to collaborate both synchronously and asynchronously, offering a single source of information, reference, and concept development. In addition, it is an easy-to-understand and use visual collaboration tool.

How do you use an interactive whiteboard?

Currently, interactive whiteboards are the most sought-after accessories. When connected to a computer, the whiteboard's screen becomes a "live" computer desktop that may be tapped to bring up menus, select text, and open files. In addition, users are able to underline, circle, and draw geometric figures on the projected image. After that, the annotated screen can be printed, emailed, or put on a shared server.

The majority of interactive whiteboards link to PCs using USB cords, however some modern ones communicate wirelessly utilizing Bluetooth technology. Many interactive whiteboards require LCD projectors to show a computer image onto the screen, however some types have a projector built into the screen itself. These types are more handy and have fewer cords, but they are significantly more costly.

How do you incorporate Zoom on an interactive whiteboard?

1.During an ongoing meeting is the optimal time to use Zoom Whiteboard. It will enable all meeting attendees to annotate the canvas and collaborate visually in real time. Here are the following steps:

2.In an active Zoom conference, click the Share Screen button in the menu bar.
Choose Whiteboard, followed by Share.

3.Using the page controls in the whiteboard's lower-right corner, create new pages and navigate between them.

4.Use the toolbar to access the annotation tools. The toolbar disappears upon clicking the whiteboard. Click the whiteboard button again to restore it.

How do I allow participants to draw on an interactive whiteboard?

1.Click Share Screen in the toolbar of your meeting.

2.Click the whiteboard button.

3.Select Shares

4.The tools for making notes will show up on their own, but you can turn them on and off with the Whiteboard option in the meeting controls.

5.Use the page controls in the lower-right corner of the whiteboard to create new pages and navigate between existing ones.

Can you put a picture on an interactive whiteboard?

The interactive whiteboard supports the addition of images.

1.Simply click the image icon to upload a file from your PC. You may now interact with the whiteboard's objects.

2.To delete a line, shape, or other object, click the Eraser icon and then pick the desired object. To resize an object, select it and then drag and drop any of its edges or sides. To relocate an item, click and drag it to its new location. To modify an item further, click its three-dot icon after selecting it.

3.Depending on the object, you can copy and paste it, duplicate it, move it forward or backward, bring it to the front or send it to the rear, or remove it.