Improve The Video Conference Experience Under Hybrid Working Environment

Improve The Video Conference Experience Under Hybrid Working Environment

At the beginning of the global epidemic, people would think that working from home or hybrid working was just a short-lived model. Today, hybrid working has become the preferred mode of most enterprises. Hybrid working seems to have become a buzzword, but it is necessary for us to figure out its meaning and benefits and how to improve the video conferencing experience of hybrid working.

What is hybrid working?

Hybrid working is simply a work model in which the company allows employees to work in different places. Employees can work in the office, at home or elsewhere.

Benefits of hybrid working for the company

1.Recruit talents across regions. Under this working mode, the company can recruit talents from all over the world. The expansion of the scope of recruitment means that the company will have a broader talent pool. Enterprises will be able to recruit corresponding personnel in different regions according to business needs to enhance their market competitiveness and productivity.

2. Save office expenses. Under hybrid working, the company can reduce some fixed office expenses, such as rent, water, and electricity expenses. In addition, when the company needs to set up offices in different regions, companies can also save the cost of renting fixed offices.

3. Improve working efficiency of employees. In an office-first model, staff are expected to be on the clock between 9 am and 5 pm every workday. In the hybrid working model, employees' working hours are no longer limited to 9 am to 5 pm. Employees can choose the time to process work according to different work content, so as to complete the work when the work efficiency is the highest.

Benefits of hybrid working for employees

1. Work and life are better balanced. One of the characteristics of hybrid working is that it is extremely flexible. Employees can better balance their work and life through flexible work arrangements. For example, they can spare time to pick up and drop off their children, see a doctor, deal with some personal problems, and then deal with work in a more efficient state.

2. The correct hybrid working model is conducive to the mental health of employees. If you work from home, the lack of boundaries between personal life and work can become a big problem. Studies have shown that long-term work at home will sort out employees and the company, and a hybrid workspace will maintain employees' trust in the team and their sense of identity with the company. A reasonable allocation of the proportion of hybrid workspace can not only improve the work efficiency of the team, but also enable employees to balance work and life more healthily.

3. Reduce exposure to diseases. The pandemic has not yet completely dissipated, and employees are still worried about their own health and safety. Hybrid working can reduce the risk of infection for employees, and also allow sick employees to work from home.

How to improve the video conference experience under hybrid working?

In the hybrid working model, video conferencing is an important media tool for people to communicate and collaborate at high frequencies in different workplaces. Having a good video conference experience can ensure that the work in the hybrid working mode can be carried out efficiently.

1. Create an equitable meeting experience. In a hybrid working mode, everyone may be in different workplaces and working environments. Therefore, we must ensure that everyone has a similar and equal experience in the meeting and an equal opportunity to express their own point of view. It is important to have an equal picture to show one's own image on the screen. Only meetings that are equal and inclusive can communicate and collaborate better. An equal meeting experience requires a camera that can clearly display the image of each participant, ensuring that one's point of view can be clearly presented no matter where you are sitting, in the office or at home.

equitable meeting experience

2.Upgrade meeting equipment. Although the hybrid working mode has been welcomed by employees, we cannot ignore its impacts on existing conference rooms. If we want to improve the video conferencing experience of hybrid work, we need to make some changes to the equipment to adapt to the new mixed scenes. For example, a smarter all-in-one camera with auto framing function is recommended which is easier to install and does not need to deploy too many lines, and can be compatible with more conference softwares.