Which is better Logitech connect or Nexpod N149?

AI auto framing video conference cameras are special devices with intelligent features designed for use in video conferencing meetings. With HD video streaming, voice tracking capability, auto-framing feature, and more, these can transform your organization by bringing an in-person experience to your virtual meetings. Let’s take a look at two of the leading video conferencing cameras around - the Logitech Connect and the Nexpod N149.

Field of View

A field of view is related to two things, the sensor size and the focal length of the lens. It refers to the maximum area that a camera can cover. So the higher the field of view, the wider the camera can image, thus the better. Logitech Connect has a field of view of 90° while the Nexvoo N149 has a field of view of 120°.

Especially when meetings are conducted in large conference rooms with relatively more attendees, users will appreciate the N149 better because of its generously wider view. This also means that blind spots can be significantly reduced.

Video Resolution

Resolution is among the top factors when choosing a video conferencing camera because the quality of your video contributes to the success and the lack of it to your meetings .

In terms of video resolution, Connect has a resolution of 1080 pixels, clear enough for video conferencing meetings. But N149 performs even better with its 4K UHD camera. As most of the users consider the video resolution as one of the most important factors while choosing a video conferencing camera, N149 definitely has more advantages and, moreover, presents a clearer and more professional image of meeting participants.

AI auto framing and speaker tracking

An AI camera is a high-definition smart camera which enhances the video conference experience. It uses speaker tracking technology to track teacher’s movement across a field of view so attendees can follow and remain engaged. The N149 is packed with AI features that can automatically locate the current speaker and present its close-up picture so that everyone knows who is speaking. The Logitech connect, on the other hand, does not yet have the AI auto framing and speaker tracking.
auto framing video conference camera
The AI auto framing feature is especially helpful when you conduct meetings in varying sizes. The N149 provides the best framing solution utilizing adjustments according to the location and the number of attendees in the conference meeting. And its built-in microphones allow N149 to locate the voice so the device can clearly detect people while they’re speaking.

Mic Pickup range

Many consumers tend to forget to check on this aspect, but a mic pickup range is another important consideration in choosing a video conferencing camera. Attendees find it annoying when the mic can barely pick up what the speaker is talking. Both the Connect and the N149 have impressive mic pickup range - Connect can pick up as long as 12 feet while the N149 can do the same as long as 13 feet.

In addition, the N149 is better because it has two omni-directional microphones supporting 16-foot (5m) diameter range, sound sensitivity of -34dB +/-3dB, and Integrated full duplex speakerphone with echo and noise cancellation.

Digital Zoom

Especially when you are in a large room with many attendees, a digital zoom can be vital in the overall effectiveness of your meeting. It enables everyone’s ability to see events or singular information fit into the picture. Connect has 4x digital zoom while N149 has 5x high-definition digital zoom.

While the Logitech Connect has impressive features, the N149 is a better choice when it comes to the vital considerations above. The N149 is considered an AI auto framing video conference camera and can help your business communicate and collaborate seamlessly. It is an all-in-one video conferencing camera that has a wide 120° field of view, UHD resolution, AI auto framing and speaker tracking, high mic pickup range, and clear digital zoom. With its high quality, smart features, and flexible compatibility, you can never go wrong in choosing N149 for your video conferencing needs.