Nexvoo Announces Partnership with Icecat to Share Video Conference Product Content with Channel Partners

Nexvoo Announces Partnership with Icecat to Share Video Conference Product Content with Channel Partners

Nexvoo has announced that its product content is now available for channel partners on Icecat - one of the world’s leading open catalogs. 

Icecat is an e-commerce’s  independent syndicator for product information management solutions, product content, and product statistics. Its objective is to support e-commerce all over the world with different languages through one global product catalog.

Nexvoo partners can now freely explore and synchronise all the product datasheets to their own website via Icecat catalog. The catalog is a comprehensive platform and is easy to access. 

The partnership with Icecat is Nexvoo’s important move to support its channel partners and its potential customers. 

User guide to access NEXVOO product data on Icecat:


  1. Enter the home page of Icecat:
  2. The search box is on top of the page, you can use either the word ‘NEXVOO’ or use the specific product name, like NexBar, N110, DoubleView to access the product page
  3. When you enter the product page, you can get all product data and specifications here. You can download the datasheet, images pack and other materials in different formats that are most convenient for you to import NEXVOO products to your online shop. You can also import the data directly if you run an eshop on big ecommerce platforms like Amazon, etc.
  4. All data is free for Nexvoo customers if you have an Icecat account. If you don’t have an account, you can register and access our data for free as well.

About Nexvoo

Nexvoo, a global leader in consumer technology products, provides unified communication and video conferencing solutions to optimize your work station whether you’re at the office, working from home or learning remotely. It provides some of the most cutting-edge technology products in the market, such as a video conferencing camera,video conference tablet,classcam for online teaching,sip phone and headset.

Nexvoo video conferencing equipment

One of the hottest products that consumers can see in the Icecat dashboard is the DoubleView Pro N120W - a smart video conference bar that is perfect for large to medium-sized conference rooms. It has a built-in Android 10.0 system so you don’t necessarily need a Mac or a laptop to access all its applications. It can be remotely operated once it’s connected to the screen via HDMI. It also features a 4K ultra-wide-angle lens and telephoto lens, allowing you to explore the detailed presentation of the meeting room.

N120 Doubleview

The DoubleView is also packed with multiple AI smart technologies so attendees of the meeting can experience real large-scale audio and  video effects of the conference room. It auto-adjusts its framing scale according to the size of your meeting or space. And you’ll surely appreciate its incredible reduction technology, keeping your meetings undisturbed. With all these intelligent features, you can surely maximize the benefits of video conferencing.