Self-care And Wellbeing Strategies For Remote Workers

Self-care And Wellbeing Strategies For Remote Workers

The pandemic has pushed businesses to continue their operations with remote workers. On top of any financial pressures, employment uncertainties, and health scares among others, remote working can also build opportunities for extra stress. And the trend of working from home is likely to continue even during the post pandemic period. 

Remote workers tend to work more than eight hours per day and spend long hours of video conferencing meetings. Some also suffer from attending meetings with poor quality image and communication, keeping them feeling disengaged. Since work is now done at home, there’s also the ever increasing challenge of balancing personal and professional lives. Remote workers are now under increasing levels of unmanageable stress and frustration. 

How to avoid remote work burnout

We listed below some of the most effective self-care and remote working wellbeing strategies to help them cope and manage stress. 

Invest in good quality individual video conference devices

It is vital that you stay virtually connected with your colleagues and one of the most effective ways to do that is through quality video conferencing devices. 

Nexvoo’s NexPad T530 can boost the efficiency of remote workers. Users can download from all the video conferencing apps with built-in Android 10.0 and its high-definition 4K UHD camera presents the professional and clear image in front of the participants. It also has a multi-touch full HD Retina screen where everyone can operate and touch smoothly, equipped with high power speakers that you can surely appreciate during meetings. All these features and its flexible compatibility make NexPad T530 the ideal choice for remote workers.

video conferencing tablet

Create a home office

It’s not uncommon that remote workers find it hard to balance work and personal lives. Creating an organized home office could help you separate your work from home. Having a designated workstation at your home keeps you away from distractions. So while it is tempting to work from the comfort of your couch, strive to associate all your work responsibilities with your designated home office. 

Take regular exercises

Remote workers tend to stay hunched over their computers and laptops all day. But it’s highly advisable to take regular breaks and move around. You can do walking, stretching, tidying up, or doing any cardio workout. Take good care of your mental health by exercising regularly. Your physical health is intrinsically linked to your mental health so give attention to both. Exercising regularly boosts your energy, improves your mood, enhances your sleep and cognitive function, and improves your overall well being.

Stay social with family and friends

The feeling of isolation brought upon by the pandemic has contributed greatly to the anxieties of remote workers so it is ever important to maintain strong social connections with friends and families. If in-person activities are not possible, you can also do it remotely. You can have a video call with family members away from you, schedule virtual happy hours with your co-workers, or even host a Netflix movie marathon. 

Embrace and explore more about your hobbies

Hobbies help us deal with stress. It can be a great and effective way to release stress and express yourself. It is good for the brain and for your mental health. Explore more about your hobbies and do it more often. You can also explore other interests that you’ve never tried before. Hobbies do not only spark your creativity, it also improves your stress levels, lowers your heart rates, and amplifies both your physical and mental states. 

Final word

Self-care and wellbeing have never been so important. To some extent, anxieties and distress are inevitable. But it’s vital to manage them so other parts of our lives will not be impacted. Stay healthy and take time to revisit your interests. While today is a challenging time, there is always a way for us to effectively navigate our work and personal lives.