The Importance of Audio Sound Quality in Video Conferencing

The Importance of Audio Sound Quality in Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is becoming an increasingly important element of our day-to-day jobs, particularly in the hybrid workplaces that are prevalent in today's modern society. When participating in a video conference, having high-quality audio as well as high-quality video provides a better experience. This article will explain how to make you sound great, especially at video conferences.

It is interesting to think that a conference can be successful without visuals, but a conference call cannot be successful without audio. This duality raises some interesting questions.

We've pointed out the things you need to think about to make the sound in video conferences better.

1. Find a quiet place to have video conferences. It is important to find a quiet place to make video calls so that you can hear the conference you are taking part in and so that your microphone doesn't wake up people around you.

2. Reduce the background noise. Background noise is one of the primary concerns associated with video conferencing. To address this issue, there are microphones designed to pick up only the desired audio while rejecting unwanted ambient noises such as fans, computers, pen clicking, and sounds from nearby rooms.

3. Echo cancellation. Echo cancellation seeks to eliminate the echoes that are audible when speaking in a video meeting.

4. Using a good microphone. During video conferencing, microphones can eliminate unwanted background noise and improve audio quality. If customers and staff had microphones, the sound quality of video conferences would be much better.

Dual-Cam Video Conference Bar with 8 MEMS mic arrays!

The Nexvoo dual-camera video bar is a piece of cutting-edge technology that is ideal for use in large and medium-sized conference rooms. It captures a panoramic view of the conference area using a combination of 4K ultra-wide-angle and telephoto lenses, as well as collaborative shooting from two cameras. This allows for a more in-depth presentation of the space.

To improve the audio of your video meetings, the Nexvoo120U can make you able to hear every word in a way that is clear and unobstructed thanks to the amazing audio pickup and noise reduction technology. The N120U video collaboration bar comes equipped with eight arrays of MEMS microphones, each of which has a better quality pickup distance of eight meters. It also supports full-duplex conversations!

The Nexvoo also has microphones that can pick up sound from any direction, broadside beamforming, noise and echo cancellation, and technology that reduces background noise.