Top 4 Dual camera Video Conference Cameras

Currently, people have noticed the fact that the latest and upcoming smartphones are equipped with dual cameras - rear camera and selfie camera. Dual cameras provide more powerful technical support for people to take higher-quality photos. Just as the use of dual cameras has established a pivotal position in the field of smartphones, dual-cam devices are also playing an increasingly important role in the video conferencing equipment industry. It is a trend that more and more companies are currently developing dual camera video conference cameras.

When it comes to dual camera video conferencing cameras, people will wonder why we need them? What is the difference between dual-cam and single-cam video conferencing cameras? Therefore, it is necessary to understand how the two lenses of a dual-cam video conference camera work firstly.

The two lenses of a dual-cam video conference camera are a telephoto camera and a wide-angle camera. The telephoto camera can magnify the focal length and more clearly capture the view at a distance, and magnify the image on the screen clearly. The wide-angle video conference camera expands the field of view to include more content of the picture.

If a number of participants are sitting in the same large conference room for an important video conference, using a single-cam video conference camera can pose the following two problems.
1. The focal length is not long enough to capture the image of attendees sitting in distance. Participants in the farther distance appear very small and blurry in the video.
2. The field of view is not wide enough to guarantee that all participants will be accommodated in one frame.

Dual-cam video conferencing cameras are the perfect solution to these two problems mentioned above. When the speaker is sitting at the far end of the conference room to speak, the telephoto lens can quickly zoom in to capture his image, and display it clearly on the screen at an appropriate ratio. The distance between participants and cameras won’t be a concern anymore as all of the attendees will be seen and heard clearly by the other party. The wide-angle lens will frame more participants in the large conference room into the screen so that the other party can see the whole picture of the conference room more clearly. When the telephoto lens and the wide-angle lens function together, it will bring a more three-dimensional and comfortable experience to video conferences.

Dual camera video conference cameras are not just a gimmick that attracts users' attention to video conferencing cameras, but an important technical configuration. Dual cameras bring a richer experience to video conferences. Therefore, to make the video conference more smooth and high-quality, and improve the communication efficiency of work, it is definitely worth paying more than a single-cam video conference camera. Furthermore, I will recommend 4 dual-cam video conferencing cameras with the best choices on the market.

Poly Studio X70

Poly Studio X70 is a plug-and-play dual camera video conference camera, which provides a first-class video conferencing experience. The X70 is equipped with dual 4K UHD cameras, each with its own 20 MP sensor. It has a dual-microphone array that can pick up sounds from 25 feet away, and NoiseBlock AI and Acoustic Fence technologies that greatly reduce noise. In addition, X70 also supports analysis such as room participant count detection and air quality sensors.

Nexvoo N120U

Nexvoo DoubleView N120U dual-cam video conference bar uses a 4K ultra-wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens, which is specially designed for large to medium-sized conference rooms. The 120° ultra-wide-angle lens captures all participants in the conference room clearly. The 8mm telephoto camera can zoom in to view all the details of the large conference room, even 33 feet away. This dual camera video conference camera can automatically optimize the brightness according to the light conditions, and the quality of the video will not be affected in the dim-light environment. It is equipped with an 8-microphone array, and the pickup distance of 16 feet allows users not only to be seen but heard clearly. As a dual camera video conference camera, it is also remarkable for its AI speaker tracking and auto framing functions. The price of such a rich set of functions is only $999, which is also a relatively reasonable price.

dual camera video conference camera

Cisco Webex Room Kit Plus

Webex Room Kit Plus supports dual-screen video and content sharing. This dual camera video conference camera is very suitable for large conference rooms. It provides advanced camera technologies - speaker tracking and auto framing functions for large and medium-sized rooms. Room Kit Plus uses an integrated camera to bring smart views to large to medium-sized rooms. The integrated speaker brings an excellent audio experience. This device can also automatically reduce noise and has a Wake Up feature, such that when people walk into the room, the system "wakes up" and recognizes them through their mobile device remove the close parenthesis.

Yealink MeetingEye 600

The MeetingEye 600 4K dual-camera video bar supports 10x hybrid zoom, speaker tracking, and auto framing. It has an 8 microphone array and two 5W speakers to provide a high-definition guarantee for your audio. This dual camera video conference camera combines a codec, camera, microphone, and speaker, and the all-in-one video bar makes it easier for you to use.