What’s the best video conferencing bar for huddle room in 2021?

Over the last years, we saw the rise of video conferencing from family catch-ups to business meetings. And as organizations transition into a more flexible working arrangement, there will be an increasing demand for webcams and video equipment that can support business collaborations remotely. Today, creating huddle rooms for business communication is becoming the new trend. These are typically small conference rooms that are equipped with audio, video, and display systems.

In this article, we listed the top 5 video conferencing bars for huddle rooms in 2021.

1. Nexvoo NexBar N110

The Nexvoo Nexbar N110 comes on top of our list. It is an all-in-one video conference bar with a 4K, 120-degree wide-angle camera and solid noise cancellation with background noise suppression. It has 6 microphone arrays to deliver high-quality audio. And there are flexible options to install the N110, standing on the table or mounted on the wall.

The N110 can recognize the main speaker in the room and intelligently track him/her with the AI-powered auto-framing and speaker tracking technology. The 5 times digital zoom camera can clearly capture every participant, even the one at the back of the room. If there are new arrivals for the meeting, multiple speakers, or no one speaks, the camera will automatically adjust its framing solution to guarantee the best view. The N110 provides an equitable experience for every participant to be included.

The N110 is compatible with all video meeting platforms which supports multiple resolutions, including 4K (Ultra HD), 1080p (Full HD), and 720p (HD) to best support the quality. The easy USB connection enables the model to work seamlessly with your laptop or Mac. It also supports Barco ClickShare for content sharing during the meeting.


2. Logitech Meetup

Next in our list is the Logitech Meetup which sets a high standard for video conferencing bars for huddle rooms. It features 4K optics and a generous 120-degree field of view. It provides sharp quality images and it plugs into a USB port for an easy plug and plays connection.

The Meetup has a custom-tuned speaker and beamforming mics providing great sound quality during meetings and ensuring everyone can be heard clearly. It offers flexible compatibility with and it works with any video conferencing software application and cloud service.

With its compact design and wall-mount hardware that come together with the package, you can set up this video conference bar for huddle rooms with a minimized cable clutter.

3. Poly Studio

The Poly Studio delivers a breakthrough video conferencing experience that makes collaboration effective and seamless. It features group framing and speaker tracking technology and with its presenter mode, the camera can follow the presenter in real-time. With its NoiseBlock AI technology that tunes out distracting sounds and a built-in powerful studio, all attendees can hear and be heard clearly.

Poly Studio’s cloud-based tools allow easier management so updates in settings and software can be done like a breeze. This device is a huddle room video conferencing camera that provides both convenience and flexibility.

4. Jabra PanaCast

Next, we have the Jabra PanaCast, a professional soundbar with integrated room audio and camera. It utilizes advanced features to focus on room attendees, speakers, or the whiteboard space in the huddle room. With its wide field of view and 13-megapixels camera, users can create a real-time video stream.

The PanaCast also boasts an outstanding sound quality, filling the room with high-definition audio from an array of four speakers - two 20mm tweeters and two 50mm woofers. It uses smart AI functions to automatically adjust the frame so the best view can be achieved during meetings. The PanaCast also has a whiteboard streaming feature that allows users to share the whiteboard content for all attendees.

5. AVer VB342

Last but not least is the AVer VB342, a smart video conferencing bar for huddle rooms with the high video quality. It delivers great color balance and resolution. And even when you tilt, zoom, or pan the camera, its sharp clarity is maintained. Its stereo audio and unidirectional microphones cover a 4m range which works very well for any huddle room.

The VB342 is easy to set up and install. It works with the primary systems available around and offers multiple expansion options for wider compatibility.

Final Word

These five are our best choice in terms of function, efficiency, and overall user experience. They work incredibly for any huddle room. And considering all the solutions that they offer, Nexvoo’s N110 sits on top. It is the most cost-effective all-in-one video conferencing bar for huddle rooms in 2021. It provides the best relevant solutions to today’s most pressing issues. The N110’s ultra-clear 4K UHD video quality, wide field of view, AI auto framing speaker tracking function, and professional-grade audio, among others, work best from single-person calls to full huddle team meetings.