Which is Better AI Teacher Tracking Camera, Nexvoo CC520 or AVer TR310?

Over the last years education has evolved and we see that it continues to change in the post covid situation. Distance learning is becoming a trend on a global scale and the need for quality AI teacher tracking cameras has been increasing live never before. Aver TR310 and Nexvoo CC520 are among the leading AI teacher tracking cameras in the market. They are both helpful in distance learning, but which is better AI teacher tracking camera, Nexvoo CC520 or AVer TR310?

The Aver TR310 is an AI lecturer tracking camera that delivers an in-class experience while students learn from home, trying to keep their connection with their teacher and fellow classmates. With its AI technology, it follows the speaker’s movement throughout the classroom. This device is compatible with all the primary distance learning platforms.

The Nexvoo CC520, on the other hand, is also an AI teacher tracking camera equipped with intelligent features for distance learning. This high definition camera is perfect for all classrooms and provides an easy plug-and-play connection to your computer. It utilizes advanced AI technology to track and recognize teacher’s movement across its generous and wide field of view.

Both the Aver TR310 and Nexvoo CC520 can work smoothly with all major video conferencing platforms whether you are using Teams, Zoom, or Google Hangout. What stands out in the CC520 is its ultra-seamless auto tracking camera that works efficiently and reliably in tracking the speaker’s movement. Its body movement tracking camera does not only provide operators the ability to track a person, but also customize frame settings to capture even the entire white board spaces and all the notes taken during lectures will be seen very clearly.

With the preset zone tracking of the CC520, users can create two unique zones such as a platform or a whiteboard area. You can experience uncompromising multi camera functions across all its preset zones. When a speaker moves within these zones, the camera can stay fixed on this zone, so attendees will not miss any information during the presentation. It basically does all the work needed to cover the lessons and record lectures.

Another outstanding feature in the CC520 is its 4K UHD quality so students will no longer suffer blurry videos in their distance learning. It is especially challenging for students to remain focused when they’re using a camera with poor video resolution. So the CC520 can be a very good solution to address this issue. It delivers a clearer and more professional coverage of the real time teaching. Its rotatable camera is also engineered with 5x optical zoom so all the details of the class room will be crystal clear.

The TR310 and CC520 are incredible solutions for distance learning. They both have very flexible compatibility and wide field of view, both horizontally and vertically. But the CC520 is the more cost-efficient option. It delivers high-quality and seamless AI functionalities. Aside from its auto tracking and preset zone tracking features, it also has two omni-directional microphones supporting 16-foot (5m) diameter range, sound sensitivity of -34dB +/-3dB, and Integrated full duplex speakerphone with echo and noise cancellation.

Final Word

Distance learning and remote classes are made possible because of the advancements of technologies. Students used to deal with unclear notes on the whiteboard, encounter bad interactions between teachers and students, and sometimes experience blur and unclear video images when the teacher moves. With the help of AI teacher tracking cameras, these concerns have been addressed. At its core, Nexvoo’s CC520 provides high-quality experience that exceeds expectations in terms of quality, affordability, and function.