Why Nexvoo Google certified desk phone N380 with native SIP better than other desk phones in the market?

N380 SIP phone

Nexvoo’s NexFone N380 is a high-end multimedia smartphone with a built-in, native SIP-based communication and integrates audio, video, and applications. This powerful, high-resolution device is compatible with all video conferencing systems and brings intelligent, high-definition video and wideband audio to the desktop phone.

To date, there are only 2 media desk phones that are Google certified in the world - the Avaya Vantage K175 and Nexvoo NexFone N380.

Avaya Vantage K175

The K175 is a touch screen desktop video device with a plug-and-play installation feature. It provides simple and natural collaboration where you can fire up voice, video, or chat instantly through one touch connections. This device has Android 9.0 system with 2 megapixels integrated camera. It’s great for video conferencing, making phone calls, and collaboration with remote colleagues.

Nexvoo NexFone N380
The N380 features an 8-megapixel HD camera and an 8-inch multi-touch Retina-level FHD screen for an optimal video and audio HD experience. Since it’s based on the Android 10.0 system, its interface is more intelligent and convenient. The N380 can also meet the diverse and complex needs of many firms because it supports the installation of third-party Apps. Its state-of-the-art smart functions along with its flexibility and ease of use make this device a most-desired Google-certified desk phone in the market.

Google certified desk phone

Why Google Certified and native SIP software make Nexvoo desk phone N380 stand out?

With its Google certification and built-in Android 10.0 operating system, N380 also comes with an integrated Google Play store where users can download most of the video conferencing apps. Its native SIP software also supports video conferencing, voice calls, media distribution and instant messaging.

The N380 allows users to build processes and workflows into applications. The third-party APP in-depth development can also be installed to meet the need of different application scenarios. With its smart Android OS, users can get the best experience with this device to increase productivity and leverage the device's Ethernet, Bluetooth and USB connections to extend use cases.

Customized apps can be developed and installed to deliver the same solutions to other industries such as logistics, hotels, hospitals, and schools, where audio and video are required.

Whether you are using Skype, Zoom, Teams, or any other platform, the Google-certified N380 gives you an affordable and quality solution for your organization. It is the ultimate business phone to leverage your communications and boost productivity. With its highly advanced functionalities, it is intelligently engineered to meet hectic office demands and cover the diverse customization needs of different companies.