Why We Need a USB Dual-camera Video Conferencing Bar for Large Rooms?

Why We Need a USB Dual-camera Video Conferencing Bar for Large Rooms?

Conference rooms of various sizes are likely to be available at your place of business. A growing number of huddle rooms, or a few large rooms dedicated to board meetings, client presentations, and other activities, may be in your future plans.

On the other hand, the large conference room, which normally seats eight to ten people, is the meeting space workhorse. Businesses have to make a lot of changes as they move to a hybrid workplace model where employees work both from home and in an office.

Scalability is critical to the success of large businesses, as they may have numerous conference and meeting rooms. Apart from that, because these rooms are critical for large-team cooperation, their video conferencing technology must be simple to operate. Without experiencing any impediments, everyone should be able to enter a large room and initiate or join a meeting. The objective is to increase productivity, and the room solution should facilitate collaboration rather than inhibit it.

Nexvoo delivers a new generation of meeting room technology with its dual-camera video bar, which is ideal for large-sized meeting rooms and conference rooms. They use 4K lenses and two cameras to capture the panoramic view of the conference room and the entire presentation that takes place inside. This includes 4K ultra-wide-angle and telephoto lenses, as well as dual-camera collaboration.

The NexBar DoubleView N120U has five important features that you should be aware of:

USB video conferencing bar for large rooms
A 4K Dual Camera System with a 120° Ultra-Wide-Angle Lens is included. The camera's lens quality and type are crucial. Brilliant optics give participants in a video conference the illusion of being in the same room, even if they are thousands of kilometers apart. Large-room cameras should be able to capture and focus on individuals both close and far away. The N120U features two cameras, one with an 8mm telephoto lens and the other with a wide-angle lens. The 8mm telephoto lens captures 1080p video at a 3x digital zoom, catching every detail up to ten meters away from the conference room. On the other hand, the wide-angle lens features a 120-degree field of view, 4K UHD compatibility, and 5x digital zoom.

4K UHD. The video bar's dynamic brightness adjustment feature lets it adapt to changing lighting conditions, allowing for dual 4K HD video conferencing and the exchange of content in any environment. This specification facilitates the communication of a clearer message as well as the dissemination of additional information. Remote participants will notice an improvement in picture clarity and detail.

AI tracking. For room management, artificial intelligence and analytics are gaining popularity. It features speaker tracking and auto framing. The sound source location and voice auto-tracking allow you to enjoy large-scale conference room-level audio and video effects in a more immersive way. Changes in participation and location can affect the ideal viewfinder size, which is automatically adjusted. It might free your hand and make you feel more committed to your task.

USB is a plug-and-play device. It has never been easier to participate in a video lecture because there is no need for additional software, training, or maintenance. Compatible with any program that makes use of standard USB audio and video drivers, including Windows.

All-in-one: easy to use and cost-saving. The N120U is plug-and-play thanks to its all-in-one design and USB connection, which makes elaborate wiring in the conference room easier and faster to install. The N120U is available in black or white. Comparatively speaking, the N120U is cheaper than comparable video conferencing equipment that costs thousands of dollars.

"All-in-one video bars," which can be used as independent conference cameras, are now being adopted by some businesses. Using an integrated computing device, these all-in-one conference cameras may be connected directly to the room's monitor while also running the cloud video service. Conveniently placed in comparison to modular video components or external computers, Because there are fewer components, the installation can be completed in less time with less cabling. Video bars can also be wall-mounted or directly fixed to the display, which saves table space while also keeping them out of the way of the audience. When it comes to using a dedicated meeting room computer for your video cloud provider, there may be compelling reasons to consider doing so.

Take, for example, the NexBar DoubleView N120U, which may be used as a device connected to a PC or a Mac via the USB interface. You will be able to switch between devices and USB mode as needed in this manner. It also works well for businesses that handle a number of different video cloud providers simultaneously. The NexBar DoubleView N120U was designed for use in big conference rooms.