Nexvoo Inc. was founded in Indianapolis, United States,with European headquarters in the Netherlands as a high-tech enterprise that integrates innovation, production, and sales of the smart UC terminal and health devices in different industries catering to both B2C and B2B markets.

Nexvoo Inc. has two subsidiaries that have their own research and development functions - Nexvoo Tech and Nexvoo Healthcare. Nexvoo Tech designed in the US, and utilizes US-based Qualcomm chipsets with Google certification, offering additional levels of scrutiny and certifications for safety and quality.Nexvoo Tech currently has available products in the market, such as a video conferencing camera and headset, audio-video conferencing bar, and video conferencing tablet.

Nexvoo Healthcare, on the other hand, anchors its mission to make life easier and healthier by creating smart medical devices. It leverages its key resources in Research and Development to produce multi-functional and more advanced medical and telemedicine devices solution. Nexvoo Health Care products include a health monitor, smart clear mask, endoscope, stethoscope and health ergonomic chair.