Nexvoo Video Conferencing Device Options for Google Meet

Nexvoo Video Conferencing Device Options for Google Meet

The video conferencing service known as Google Meet is one of the products that Google has to offer. People and businesses now have a fantastic option for carrying out audio and video conferences thanks to this innovation. Although it is a descendant of Google Hangouts, it includes a number of features that set it apart.

What is Google Meet?

Google Meet, a video conferencing service, is one of the things that Google provides. Google Meet was formerly accessible solely to business customers, but it is now freely open to the general public. Google Meet is accessible via the web and on mobile devices running the iOS and Android operating systems.

The major objective of Google Meet is to simplify the process of conducting online video chats. You may, however, turn on the camera and microphone independently, giving you the option to use the gadget only for making voice calls if that is what you like to do.

You are able to initiate ad hoc calls and invite people from your immediate or extended family. They can either enter the meeting code that you provide for them or click the link that you send to them. The fact that Google Meet does not require the installation of a desktop program is one of its strongest selling points. It is sufficient for everyone on the call (including the person organizing it) to be utilizing a recent version of a web browser.

Google Meet vs Zoom vs Microsoft Teams

Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet both are well-known video conferencing apps that millions of users in the world have used. We will discuss the difference between Google Meet, Zoom, and Teams.

Meeting time & maximum participants

Video meetings with Google Meet have a maximum duration of 60 minutes, and free users can join up to 100 people. Paid Google Workspace plans to allow you to invite up to 250 participants with a maximum video length of 24 hours. Zoom has a maximum duration of 40 minutes and can accommodate up to 100 people. Zoom's paid plans can have up to 500 members in a meeting with a time limit of 30 hours. The free version of Microsoft Teams supports 60-minute group meetings with 100 participants per meeting. With the paid version, up to 300 participants can join a video conference with a time limit of 30 hours.


Google Meet records your meeting with just a few clicks, then saves the recording to your Google Drive. Zoom allows users to save recordings to their local device with the free version. Microsoft Teams allows recording to take place in the cloud and save to Microsoft Stream.


Google Meet's interface is clear, easy to create meetings and change settings, simpler than Microsoft Teams, and easy for newbies to use. The interface of Microsoft Teams is relatively complex and takes time to get familiar with. Zoom's interface allows 49 participants to be displayed on the screen at a time, and it displays participant thumbnails in a grid pattern.

The benefits of using Google Meet for video conferencing

1.No software download required
2.Meetings can be recorded directly to Google-Drive
3.Integrate with Google Workspace products
4.The user interface is easy to use and set up
5.Better encryption performance and security features
6.Customize layout and screen settings

Nexvoo video conferencing device for Google Meet

Nexvoo offers video conferencing equipment for Google Meet for different size conference rooms.

The N149 has an integrated camera with 4K UHD that captures a 120° FOV and two Omnidirectional microphones that provides 360° wideband audio with 16-foot for the acoustics of huddle to small conference rooms.

The N110 has an integrated camera with a wide-angle lens that captures a 120° FOV and a next-generation six-microphone array that provides studio-quality video and audio that is optimized for the acoustics of medium conference rooms.

The N120U is a video conference bar for Google Meet. N120U is equipped with AI-powered speaker tracking and auto framing, which intelligently groups frames to focus on participants. This makes the Nexvoo N120U the ideal video conferencing bar for Google Meet.

N120W, large meeting room video soundbars, utilize a combination of 4K ultra-wide-angle lens and telephoto lens for dual-camera collaboration, taking into account the meeting room's panoramic vision and detailed presentation. There is no need to bring a PC or Mac to the meeting room because Android 10.0 is already installed. Compatible with most video conference applications, Users can use any desktop video conferencing tool, such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.