Top 5 Video Conferencing Device for Large Room

We have already recommended video conferencing cameras for small rooms and video conferencing bars for medium rooms, and in this article we will recommend the best 5 video conferencing device for large rooms.

Large conference rooms are generally used to hold large meetings of about 20-30 people. Therefore, large conference rooms have higher requirements on the zoom capability, field of view and pickup distance of video conferencing equipment than small and medium-sized conference rooms. A wide enough field of view and zoom magnification can ensure that all participants are well captured. Lastly, large conference rooms require cameras with intelligent tracking capabilities to better focus on each speaker.

Based on these characteristics, when selecting a video conferencing device for large conference rooms, we consider the following three main points.

The device can ensure good enough video and audio quality.
The device's field of view and audio pickup range is large enough.
The device has an intelligent and smooth speaker tracking function, no need to manually adjust the camera angle according to the speaker's position.

In this article, we will recommend five video conferencing devices for large conference rooms based on the above three points.

Nexvoo N120U

Nexvoo N120U is a dual-camera video conferencing device for large rooms. With an all-in-one design and USB connection, the N120U is plug-and-play, making it easier and faster to deploy complex wiring in the conference room.The N120U is equipped with dual cameras - an 8mm telephoto lens and wide-angle lens. The 8mm telephoto lens supports 1080p capture resolution and 3x digital zoom, capturing all the details as far as 10 meters away from the conference room. The wide-angle lens, on the other hand, has 120 degree FOV, can support 4K UHD resolution and 5x digital zoom.

video conferencing device for large room

The N120U automatically optimizes brightness according to light conditions, thus,the quality of video conferencing images is not affected in low light environments. This video conferencing device for large rooms is equipped with an 8-microphone array that features 5m pickup distance so you can not only be clearly seen, but also clearly heard. The N120U is equipped with AI speaker tracking and auto framing to ensure smooth switching and focus on speakers even when multiple people are speaking in a large conference room. The N120U also supports the Barco system, which allows for quick sharing of content with remote participants.

The most attractive thing is that the price of $999 makes the N120U more cost-effective compared to other thousands of dollars video conferencing devices.

Logitech Rally Plus

Rally Plus is a video conferencing device for a large room with two Rally bars. It is a complete video conferencing solution for large conference rooms with dual speakers and desktop microphones, as well as all mounting brackets, cables and wiring hubs. It comes with a PTZ camera with 15x zoom, 90 degree FOV and 4K UHD resolution support. The device is equipped with Rally Mic desktop design, pickup range up to 30 feet, enough to cover the entire large conference room.

Poly Studio X70

The Poly Studio X70 is a beautifully designed dual-camera video conferencing equipment for a large room. The X70 also features two MEMS microphones and two second-order microphones with a pickup distance of up to 25 feet. It makes video conferencing even smarter. It combines razor-sharp 4K video with room-filling stereo sound to provide attendees with the best possible video conferencing experience.

Yealink UVC84-BYOD

Yealink UVC84-BYOD is dedicated to large meeting rooms. This video set comes with a 4K camera, audio device and BYOD box for video conferencing on any UC platform. The UVC84-BYOD comes with a PTZ camera that combines a 4K sensor with 12x optical zoom and 3x digital zoom, as well as an 80-degree FOV to clearly show every detail of the conference room. The Yealink BYOD box in the kit provides users with an easy USB connection to connect their own laptops to the video conferencing system in the conference room.

AVer VC540

The VC540 is a 4K video conferencing device for large rooms with Bluetooth speakerphones. The VC540 supports 4K Ultra HD resolution with a 16x zoom and 86 degree FOV, and automatically adjusts the FOV to fit all participants. The VC540 also features backlight compensation and 2D noise reduction technology to optimize light balance under different conditions. The VC540 is equipped with a full duplex microphone array with echo cancellation and supports USB connectivity. The upgraded speakerphone supports Bluetooth capability, making it easy to connect tablets and phones and keep your conference room tidy.