Top 6 Video Conferencing Bars for Microsoft Teams

Top 6 Video Conferencing Bars for Microsoft Teams
As one of the most popular video conferencing software in the world, Microsoft Teams provides a more effective way of collaboration for many companies. It also allows employees to easily conduct real-time remote meetings, communicate work content and process documents online with the aid of a video conferencing bar for Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams provides many amazing video conferencing functions. For example, users can make remote high-definition video meetings with up to 300 members on adapted mobile phones and computers, and support screen sharing and call recording.

When you need to conduct a video conference, whether you are in a large meeting room or a small meeting space, Microsoft will focus on its Teams platform to provide you with a consistent and comfortable user experience, allowing you to easily start your online meeting.

Many video conferencing devices currently support Microsoft Teams. In this article, I will recommend 6 most popular video conferencing bars for Microsoft Teams.

Nexvoo OneView N110

The Nexvoo OneView N110 is an all-in-one video conferencing bar for Microsoft Teams suitable for medium-sized conference rooms. The N110 uses a design that integrates the camera, microphone and speaker. It has very strong compatibility with most video conferencing software and applications. It not only perfectly adapts to Microsoft Teams, but is also compatible with Zoom, Google Meet and other conferencing software You can also switch between various applications without restarting the device.

The N110 supports 4K ultra-high-definition resolution, 5x digital zoom and 120-degree FOV. It is equipped with 6 powerful microphone arrays with a pickup distance of 16 feet. The N110 as an all-in-one video conferencing bar is easy to deploy, with AI speaker tracking and auto framing algorithms, and USB plug-and-play connectivity
video conferencing bar for Microsoft Teams


Audiocodes RXV80

Audiocodes RXV80 is an all-in-one video conferencing bar certified by Microsoft Teams. As a video conferencing bar for small rooms and executives’ personal offices, it is simple to install and easy to deploy.

RXV80 is integrated with the Teams client to enable one-click to join meetings, full Teams video, and content sharing. This device has a 110-degree FOV, which can easily cover every seat in a small meeting room. RXV80 has high-quality audio and video, can provide remote participants with clear and excellent images and voice, as well as a complete and efficient Microsoft Teams video conference experience.

Crestron UC-SB1

Crestron UC-SB1 is certified by Microsoft Teams and suitable for small rooms. This video conferencing bar for Microsoft Teams adopts a one-piece design. It can be installed on the wall or placed under the monitor. Its camera supports 1080P resolution and provides a wide field of view of 150° FOV. The pickup distance is 15 feet, and the pickup angle is 180° horizontal. UC-SB1 connects through a single USB 3.0 to achieve true plug-and-play audio capabilities.

Yealink MeetingBar A20

Yealink MeetingBar A20 is another all-in-one video conferencing bar suitable for small meeting rooms. It integrates all the functions needed for seamless Microsoft Teams collaboration. It can be connected to a CTP18 touch panel, allowing users to use only one MeetingBar with one button to start the meeting. This video conferencing bar for small room has a 20-megapixel, 133° horizontal field of view lens camera, and 8 MEMS microphone arrays, which can provide a powerful audio and video experience. The Yealink MeetingBar A20 is plug and play with an affordable price.

Poly Studio X50

Poly Studio X50 is an all-in-one video conferencing bar for medium rooms. The X50 has a pickup distance of 25 feet, 3 MEMS microphones. The 2 second-order microphones can also provide rich audio. The Poly Acoustic Clarity technology integrated in X50 can be used for full-duplex calls, echo cancellation and background noise suppression. The lens of this video conferencing bar for Microsoft Teams supports 4K ultra-high-definition resolution, 5x digital zoom, and 120-degree wide-angle, ensuring that everyone can be seen clearly.

Bose Videobar VB1

The Bose Videobar VB1 is suitable for small and medium-sized conference rooms. The Videobar VB1, as a video conferencing bar for Microsoft Teams, supports 4K ultra-high-definition resolution and auto framing function. The proprietary Bose sound supports multimedia presentations, plays Bluetooth audio, and ensures that the voice in the call sounds natural.