What is The Most Popular Video Conferencing Bar for Zoom?

What is The Most Popular Video Conferencing Bar for Zoom?

Zoom is a cloud-based video communication application that allows you to set up remote video conferencing, real-time chat, screen sharing and other collaboration functions. Whether you are working from home or in the office , there is no doubt that Zoom delivers the best combination of usability, reliability, performance, security, and features that you need to get work done remotely. Its generous free plan is great for freelancers and small-business owners, and its paid tiers provide all the extras that bigger businesses need to keep large teams connected.

If you have a chance to experience Zoom, you will understand why it is one of the most popular video conferencing software in the world. The operation of Zoom is very simple, whether you are a professional or not, you can easily get started. Its interface is relatively intuitive and can be used with other popular functions.

At present, many video conferencing devices on the market support Zoom. In this article, I will recommend 5 most popular video conferencing bars for Zoom.

Nexvoo DoubleView N120U

DoubleView N120U is a dual-camera USB video conferencing bar for large conference rooms. N120U has strong compatibility with many video conferencing software which perfectly adapts to Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.In addition, you can switch between various applications without restarting the device. This video conferencing bar for Zoom supports 2160P UHD resolution, and is equipped with a 5x digital zoom telephoto lens and a 120-degree FOV wide-angle lens. It is installed with 8 microphone arrays with a 16 feet pickup distance. The N120 is easy to deploy. As an all-in-one video conferencing bar, it uses USB connectivity, plug and play, and has AI speaker tracking and auto framing algorithms.

the most popular video conferencing bar for Zoom
AVer VB342

AVer VB342 is Zoom certified and suitable for small meeting rooms. It is equipped with a 4K PTZ camera, with extraordinary video quality. It can provide excellent resolution and color balance, capture all the details of the meeting room and maintain ultra-clear clarity. This video conferencing bar for Zoomis features 2 unidirectional microphones,and its pickup distance is 13 to 19 feet - enough for small meeting rooms. The stereo speakers of VB342 provide 5W full frequency. No matter how far apart everyone is, it sounds like all the participants are in the same room. It is easy to install and seamlessly integrates with your existing system, providing a variety of connectivity and expansion options.

Neat Bar

The Neat Bar is designed for small meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 10 people. This video conferencing bar for Zoom is simple and lightweight and you can install it above or below the display. Neat Bar supports 4K Ultra HD resolution and 4x digital zoom, 120 degree FOV, and has auto framing function. It has 3 sensor mics, 5 microphones angled in an end-fire array, which can ensure that participants at both ends of the call can be heard clearly.

Poly Studio X50

The Poly Studio X50 is an all-in-one video conferencing bar suitable for medium-sized conference rooms. This video conferencing bar for Zoomhas a pickup distance of 25 feet, 3 MEMS microphones and 2 second-order microphones which can provide rich audio. The Poly Acoustic Clarity technology applied by X50 can be used for full-duplex calls, echo cancellation and background noise suppression. Lastly, its lens supports 4K ultra-high-definition resolution, 5x digital zoom, and 120-degree wide-angle, ensuring that everyone can be seen clearly.

Logitech Rally Bar

The Logitech Rally Bar is an all-in-one integrated video bar suitable for medium-sized rooms. The Rally Bar lens supports 4K resolution, covers rooms 130° across by 80° high, and the lossless image quality is up to 5x optical zoom. The Rally Bar is a video conferencing bar for Zoom that has a pickup distance of 4.6 meters and can carry up to 3 rally mic pods. The beamforming microphone can pick up the sound of each seat and focus on the active talker, while suppressing environmental noise.